October 26, 2010

SharePoint Day 2010 Event Updates

Thank you very much to all who attended and made this event successful. We had very good number of audience and yes, they are interested in knowing SharePoint.

The event photographs can be found at this link

SharePoint 2010 on Phone:

Indeed, SharePoint 2010 and Windows Phone 7 are two ‘HOT’ products in industry and both can work amazingly well with each other. I presented different scenarios and techniques for doing this collaboration.

However, I wanted to show some more demos but couldn’t do it because of time constraint. I’ll do it in next event.

Till the time, you can find the PowerPoint deck here:


Mayur Tendulkar | www.mayurtendulkar.com

October 20, 2010

SharePoint Day 2010 at Pune User Group

SharePoint is a hottest selling product. It is used for many reasons and end-users can customize it according to their requirements. Learning SharePoint from books and classes is different thing and learning it from people who are working on it is a different game altogether.

Pune User Group is back again with its annual event SharePoint Day. This event is going to be a bonanza for people who want to learn Administration (IT Pros) OR Development on top of SharePoint 2010. There are two separate tracks for it.

You can find more information about the event at: http://sharepointday.puneusergroup.org

And the best part is, I’m going to talk about SharePoint on Windows Phone. Yes!. Come and learn the best ever product from Microsoft.

And hey, its free. :)


Mayur Tendulkar | www.mayurtendulkar.com

October 15, 2010

Finally - Windows Phone 7 Is Here

I was waiting, I was waiting since long to see an upgrade to Windows Mobile. I even tried my hands-on Windows Phone 7 Beta Tools. And now, the tools and devices are released. I must say, the entire WP7 device family looks amazing. It will definitely attract consumers as well as developers. Check out this video for entire WP7 device family:


When I was doing WP7 Beta Testing, I always thought that Windows Mobile is ‘The Best’ and we really don’t need another platform, but Microsoft should re-design the WM software to compete with iPhone and Android. But, I know, it was just because of the fact that, I’m used to my Windows Mobile device (HTC Touch) and don’t want any ‘change’ in how I work with my mobile device. It’s a human nature.

Indeed, after going through final version of developer tools and hardware, all of it looks promising. And there can be lot of opportunities for mobile developers (and now Silverlight Developers as well) on Windows Phone 7 platform.

If you want to kick start Windows Phone 7 Development, you need to:

  • If you’ve already installed - uninstall previous (Beta/CTP) version of Windows Phone 7 developer tools.
  • If you want to integrate Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools with existing Visual Studio 2010, please install any Visual Studio 2010 SKU first.
  • Install the latest Windows Phone 7 Developer tools from here OR download the offline installer from here. This will install Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone or integrate with Visual Studio 2010 SKU (if you’ve installed it already)
    I recommend that you should not install these tools on Virtual Machines, rather install it on host machine itself. If required, create dual boot – for emulator performance reasons.
  • If you want to monetize your applications by using advertisements, then Microsoft has released a separate SDK for it. Get more information and download it from here
  • Right now, Windows Phone 7 Developer tools supports only C# language. However, the team has released a Microsoft Visual Basic CTP For Windows Phone Developer Tools. The RTM version (as mentioned above) is pre-requisite for this CTP. You can download it from here
  • To build high-performance applications on top of Windows Phone 7, you must monitor the code and remove all bottlenecks. And as Channel9 has mentioned: "If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it".
    To measure the performance of Windows Phone 7 applications, there is tool (called as profiler) available as a separate download. You can find more information about it here:

This is the very first version of this new platform. But in this first version itself, Microsoft has feature packed these devices.

But remember, mobility is always about challenges: network bandwidth, screen resolution, battery life, sudden interrupts for calls, text messages…. And what not. But these challenges makes mobile development a fun.

All the best for your mobile development and lets get started.

Mayur Tendulkar | www.mayurtendulkar.com