August 23, 2009

Your chance to WIN

Microsoft India is running a contest for Windows Mobile (aka Windows Phone) developers. You can find more information for this particular contest at:

But, why one should participate in this contest? Well, there are many reasons:

  1. Building desktop and web applications is pretty easy. Developers have the luxury of processing power, memory, screen resolution, bandwidth, whilst in case of mobile – it’s pretty challenging. This contest gives a great opportunity to professional, novice as well as hobbyist developers to understand and get started with Windows Mobile application development.
  2. This contest will allow participants to submit their application to Windows Mobile Marketplace. This is the great chance for you to start your own business and get recognized in software or IT world. 
  3. Apart from these benefits – developers will get to know the rules about mobile application development. Yes. Any Johnny can write a code, but to make it better and to get ‘Certified for Windows Mobile ‘ logo is pretty challenging and interesting. Like, the immediate action item should be on left soft-key, menu items on right soft-key and much more. Developers will get to know about these rules from this contest. A special document has been provided on the contest site about these rules and regulations (or guidelines) for Windows Mobile application development.
  4. And last but not least: you can win 100000 INR cash prize with lots of other goodies like Windows Mobile phones, Certificates and what not.

To get started with Windows Mobile development, you can visit MSDN portal and watch out for cool videos at:

I’ve created some screen-casts on Windows Mobile and you can find them here :


I’ll add more screen-casts over here as and when possible . So stay tuned. And register for the contest without fail :)

Ganapati Bappa Morya and Happy Coding.

Mayur Tendulkar |